Welcome to Phone-A-Friend, LLC

Hello! I’m Jessica and I am the founder of Phone-A-Friend, LLC. Phone-A-Friend is a confidential advisory telephone service that will allow you to call and talk to me about what you are going through without having the fear of being judged, criticized, retaliation and more.

I understand that sometimes you cannot go to a family member or your best friend for advice because they may not be good advice givers, they have their own problems and you don’t want to burden them with your problems or simply because they are not good listeners…Feel like you need a friend to listen to you? To help you with life problems?

I’m here to help! I promise to listen to you and give you the best advice possible!!

A friend who will listen to you Grief and loss
Stress Jealousy
Teen issues Depression and much more


QUOTE: “I booked my call and talked to Jess and she sure did listen to me when I needed to vent without having to pay over $155 an hour. Phone-A-Friend is so affordable with the money I saved on a therapist; I scheduled a chat once a week…Thanks Jess!”      Rose, TX